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Friday, May 08, 2009

Michael Geist, "The Friday Forum--Open Access 1," May 8, 2009.

Classes and exams have now concluded at the University of Ottawa and students won't be back on campus until September. Rather than taking a full hiatus on lectures, I thought it would be interesting to pull together a weekly virtual conference series using the incredible array of video lectures that have been posted online in recent years. The Friday Forum will be a weekly blog posting on a topic within the broad umbrella of law, technology, and policy. If you were to watch all the videos in their in its entirety, each virtual conference would take about a half-day. I'll also post additional readings and materials for those that want to dig more deeply into the issues. On most issues, there is a wealth of choice, so I'm bound to miss some great lectures that are on point.

This first Friday Forum virtual conference is the first of three on open access. This collection of lectures focuses on the open access movement and latest developments. Next week, I'll touch on some specific issues such as government data, access to law, development issues, and science commons. The final virtual conference will highlight the recent move toward university open access mandates.

  For a history of open access in Canada, see Dean Giustini's wiki.

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