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Monday, June 01, 2009

"CTV and 'A' Thank Viewers for their Overwhelming Support to Help Save Local Television," Bourque, June 1, 2009.

[On the copyright front, during a busy month, this is the number one story. A grassroots rallying of forces. CTV plays populist politics and wins a battle. Does Save Local TV really means save local Ctv? The conclusion of "overwhelming public support for local television from communities across Canada" is as true among the CBC audience as it is among the CTV crowd. Global has its fans. It is the experience of community radio stations across the country, too. People want local programming, and we are prepared to do it ourselves. -jlt]

-- More than 100,000 Expressions of Support from Canadians –

Toronto, ON (June 1, 2009) – CTV and 'A' local stations today thanked viewers for the success of their Save Local Television campaign, confirming overwhelming public support for local television from communities across Canada. The initiative, launched May 8, was designed to inform viewers of the critical issues facing their local television stations.

The underpinning of this grassroots campaign was the informative and interactive website, which provided viewers with helpful information and the online tools to get involved in helping save their local TV stations. Over 30,000 Canadians attended our Open Houses, over 50,000 online petition signatures and more than 25,000 letters to James Moore, Minister of Heritage, expressed support that cable and satellite companies should pay local TV for the programming they distribute.

"The tremendous success achieved with the "Save Local" campaign exceeded our expectations and on behalf of CTV and 'A' stations, I want to thank everyone for their support." said Paul Sparkes, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, CTVglobemedia. "Our goal was to inform Canadians on the issues that local broadcasters are facing and we have succeeded. We now look forward to working with the CRTC and all stakeholders in negotiating fair market value for the local TV programming Canadian consumers want and demand."

The campaign's momentum built toward Open House events at 16 CTV and 'A' stations from coast to coast on May 23. The events – which provided viewers the opportunity to tour their hometown television stations, meet their local on-air personalities and participate in other family-oriented activities – were covered by a live special broadcast across the country on CTV News Channel. The two-hour program featured highlights from each station's Open House, as well as interviews and testimonials from viewers, cable and satellite representatives, politicians and dignitaries, providing a balanced range of views and opinions on the issues facing local TV.

The website and Open Houses were supported by an on-air campaign that included a range of local spots, as well as a national spot, providing further awareness for the Save Local Television initiative and the crisis facing local TV.

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