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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Nima Maleki, "Economy and Territory in the West Bank," Politics and Critical Thought, May 2, 2009.

[Nima Maleki was born in Tehran, studied political science at York and the Univesity of Copenhagen and currently lives in Toronto. I was attracted to the map. The West Bank part of the Palestinian "state" aka Baraksgenerousoffer is often described as "Swiss cheese." But Julien Bousac has imagined it as an "archipelago." The only problem with it is that the parts of an archipelago are joined by water. What is portrayed here as water is actually territory from which Palestinians are excluded by settlements, cutoff roads, and checkpoints. So the "water" separates rather than joining the parts. It would be more appropriately portrayed as the fires of Hell. -jlt]

The east Palestinian archipelago
Map by Julien Bousac

Last week I received a link to a video outlining infrastructure development in the West Bank as the backbone of a plan for economic development. The video is a component of a report by RAND Corporation, a think tank established by the US armed forces.

The plan, called The Arc, suggests it can help both as an instrument to peace between Palestine and Israel but also as a means of maintaining or encouraging peaceful coexistence. Watch the video at RAND and have a look at The Arc’s page.

[The post contains links to the RAND report, another cartographic representation of the Palestinian "state" and some comments. The maps are more legible in the larger format.

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