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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Connie Woodcock, "Hydro lights us up," Sun, July 15, 2009.

[In a weakly regulated market, distinguishing between poor judgement and fraud becomes increasingly difficult. What foreign adventures will this innovative new money pay for? If the government doesn't serve the people, who does it serve? When the government turns a blind eye, where can people turn? -jlt]

Smart meters will increase bills dramatically for many Ontarians

Christine Acres and her fiance own a small automotive repair shop in Gloucester, near Ottawa.

Their Ottawa Hydro bill used to be about $200 every two months, sometimes higher and in bad winters -- more than $300. Their shop uses lighting, a small computer and some air tools but a few years ago, they got rid of the pop machine to cut back. Last year they paid a total of $1,438 for their electricity supply.

Then along came Ottawa Hydro with a new smart meter for them in May. Suddenly, their Hydro bill was more than double the highest bill they had ever paid -- $800 for two months.

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