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Sunday, April 09, 2006

The long wait: Migration, asylum, and racism RESEARCH NOTES

Information about the Federal Court of Appeals decision on the two Canadian Roma families barely made it out of Ontario. See Marina Jiménez at the Globe and Mail (if you can get past the fee for the archive), several articles by Sharon Boase at the Hamilton Spectator, and one by Guidy Mamann at Metro Toronto. But information about the Romani generally is available on several websites: IOM and the European Roma Rights Center are good places to start.

Information about the Brussels conference on migrant workers comes mostly from the ICFTU and ILO. Documentation from these two high-level sources is mediocre. For instance, I was not able to find the official name of the meeting or a list of those in attendance. What employers' organizations were represented?

The Sans-papiers movement is self-documenting in many languages. So that leaves the government position and the official papers in the shadows. The most current information from the movement is in French. The Call for the Regularisation of all Illegal Residents in Europe," September 13, 2002 is worth a read.

Just out of curiosity, to see several important places where next to nothing is said about this subject, have a look at the Throne Speech (April 4, 2006) and the Conservative Party of Canada Policy Declaration (March 19, 2005).
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