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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Not obsessing Afghanistan RESEARCH NOTES

Eva Weymuller's IPS article "Congolese Mineral Wealth As Coveted As Ever" (Jan 4 06) is an excellent place to start looking into the mismanagement of DRC's natural resources. The Human Rights Watch report "Curse of Gold" (Jun 1 05) is available in French and English. It's a 169-page pdf (5MB) with maps and appendices.

Shailja Patel's review of Wangechi Mutu's show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Gerald Caplan's remarks about the Rwandan genocide both come from Pambazuka News, April 13, 2006.

The information about peacekeeper contributions to the DRC operation comes from the MONUC website. For more about the use of small arms in DRC, see "The call for tough arms controls: Voices from the Democratic Republic of the Congo," Amnesty International, January 9, 2006.

The International Crisis Group has issued many reports on the DRC. IRIN is a source for numerous news articles on the DRC, in particular, the one about the massive rape case.
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