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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

James L Kinneavy, Outline of exploration from Writing in the Liberal Arts Tradition

Stage I: Raising Questions

A. Dogma
1. Recognize and understand the dogma
2. Understand the supporting arguments for the dogma

B. Anomaly
1. Note evidence (facts, objects, beliefs) that does not fit the dogma or cannot be explained by it
2. Note weaknesses in the arguments for the dogma
3. Find other analyses of the dogma's weaknesses

C. Crisis
1. Seriously question the truth of the dogma
2. Express feelings of discord and excitement
3. Reject the dogma

Stage II: Searching for a new answer
1. Specify the question to be answered
2. Examine other attempts to answer the question: Reject these suggested answers
3. Reexamine the reality in question, collecting more evidence about it
4. Project the nature of the answer you need. This may require narrowing the question
5. Borrow and try out several models
6. Eureka! You identify the model that works
7. Develop the theory

Stage III Testing the new answer
1. Identify a testable hypothesis from your theory
2. Conduct research to test the hypothesis, or try to construct a satisfactory argument to support it
3. confirm, deny, or modify the theory in accordance with your findingsRecommend this Post

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