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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sandeep Dikshit, "Australia: difficult to supply uranium," The Hindu, January 17, 2008.

In an interview to a TV channel, Australian Trade Minister Simon Crean said Canberra supplying uranium to India was “an issue that the government still has to take.”


The previous government had assured India that it would supply uranium provided it was cleared by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the NSG. The Australian government’s revised approach was spelt out to [Manmohan Singh's Special Envoy, Shyam] Saran when he called on Australian Foreign Minister earlier this week.

“India is not a nation state that is a party to the NPT. I don’t think there’s any expectation that India will become a member. And so I simply underlined and reinforced the Labor Party’s and the government’s longstanding position. It didn’t come as any surprise to Mr. Saran,” said Mr. Smith

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