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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Singh's visit to China, NewsTrack India, January 16, 2008.

After a three-day official visit to China, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reached India on Tuesday night and in talks on the face-to-face with media, he depicted the whole journey in three specific words - constructive, progressive and successful.

The Honourable Prime Minister summarised the visit by saying tt lots of issues were part of our discussion comprising on the case of Nuclear Suppliers’ Group, civil nuclear cooperation, Regional Trade Agreement, Border dispute and so on.

Prime Minister said that he has sought Chinese support for its case in Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG) for India specific safeguards in implementation of the civil nuclear deal with the United States, but without assurance yet. Further clarifying this he said although Beijing has not shown clear sign of approval for his support to India on the NSG case, but he said he did not think Beijing would create any obstacle cited the new warm relation between the two countries.
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