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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Citizen's Inquiry on the Impacts of the Uranium Cycle

The Citizen's Inquiry is a project of the Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium (CCAMU). It originated as a response to the proposed exploration for and development of a uranium mine north of Sharbot Lake and upriver of Ottawa. The local First Nation communities have taken action to stop the drilling on their ancestral lands.

Presentations can include written; electronic; audio and video formats; poems, plays, skits, and songs. Presentations will be limited to 10 minutes and will be documented.

Scope of the Inquiry: “Getting to Know Uranium”

CCAMU suggests the following themes as guidelines for presentations and submissions.

Uranium Cycle

Claim staking

Uses: Power Generation, Weapons, Medical

Resource Management and the Alternatives

Resource Limitation

Alternative Energy

Within each theme, the following subjects could be addressed:
• Public and Environmental Health & Safety
• Social Responsibility
• Economics
• Political Responsibility
• Self Determination of a Community


You must register to make a presentation. The deadline for registration is:

Mar 18 for Sharbot Lake

March 25th for Kingston

April 1st for Peterborough

April 8th for Ottawa

To register on-line, click here. Or,

Phone: 613-259-9988
fax: 613-259-5022
mail: 2799 McDonald's Corners Rd, R.R.#3 Lanark, K0G 1K0

Registrations will be acknowledged prior to the scheduled date of the location requested and will confirm your participation during the afternoon or evening session.

Locations & Dates

When: 1-5 p.m., 6-9 p.m. daily

Where: The Citizens Inquiry will be held in four locations in eastern

Information regarding venues and dates will be announced soon:

Sharbot Lake Public Hearings:
beginning April 1st, 2008
St.Andrew Anglican Church
1028 Elizabeth Street

Kingston Public Hearings:
beginning April 8th, 2008
Queen St. United Church
Corner of Queen and Clergy Streets

Peterborough Public Hearings:
beginning April 15th, 2008
Sadlier House
751 George St. N.

Ottawa Public Hearings:
beginning April 22, 2008
Rideau Park United Church
2203 Alta Vista Drive K1H 7L9
Located one block north of Kilborn Ave.
on the east side of Alta Vista Drive.

Contact Information

• email:
• Phone: 613-259-9988
• fax: 613-259-5022
• mail: 2799 McDonald’s Corners Rd, R.R.#3 Lanark, K0G 1K0Recommend this Post

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