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Thursday, July 24, 2008

" Tanzania/Tanzanie: Africa-Canada Forum letter to Foreign Minister on mining," Africa Files, July 23, 2008.

[Harper government is a day late and a dollar short--again. Voluntary compliance with corporate social responsibility standards is what the Feds do instead of regulating Canadian extractive companies operating abroad. Nice work if you can get it. -jlt]

"More than 15 months after the release of the report from the National Roundtables, the Canadian government has yet to respond to and implement the recommendations. The report called for the establishment of Canadian corporate social responsibility standards, and the appointment of an independent ombudsperson to monitor compliance with these standards."
Esperanza Moreno Caroline Boudreau
Deputy Director Chair
Canadian Council for International
Co-operation Africa-Canada Forum

As the biggest investor in the local mining sector Barrick Corp alone currently runs three large-scale gold mines at Bulyanhulu, North Mara, and Tulawaka, is in the process of launching a fourth gold mine at Buzwagi, and is also running a nickel mine.
This Day (Dodoma)

A delegation led by the Canadian High Commissioner to Tanzania, Janet Siddall, is in Dodoma to lobby MPs about their position on the report findings of the presidential mining sector review committee, which is set to be debated in the National Assembly during the ongoing budget session...
This Day (Dodoma)

''All I can say is that Tanzania is a sovereign country, and it makes its own independent decisions. We have listened to their advice, just as we listened to them in the past when drafting our mining and tax laws that have now disadvantaged us.''
Zitto Kabwe
Tanzanian legislator

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