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Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Abie," Gush Shalom, August 28, 2008.

Abie Nathan -
Courageous peace activist,
Conducted a hunger strike
Against the settlements
Almost to death,
Went twice to jail
For meeting Yasser Arafat,
Planned his actions alone,
Took on himself the responsibility,
Paid the full price,
And was loved by the masses.
May his memory live on!

Ad published in Haaretz August 29 , 2008

Abie Nathan was probably best known outside of Israel for the pirate radio station, "Voice of Peace" located just outside of Israeli jurisdiction on a 188-foot freighter named "The Peace Ship." This was a project he began in 1973.

Nathan also broke the taboo (and the law) against speaking to members of the PLO. In 1978, he flew to Egypt to deliver a peace petition to Gamal Abdul Nassar.

Even his political enemies spoke of him with respect.
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