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Friday, November 07, 2008

"UN budget committee on financial crisis impact," 7th Space.

[Thirty-one member countries have paid their dues to the UN. These include developed and deveoping countries and countries from all but one continent. 163 member states have not paid their dues. A number of countries are owed money -jlt]

While emphasizing the importance of adequate and predictable financing for the implementation of United Nations mandates, several speakers in the Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary) this morning also drew attention to the impact of the current global financial crisis on both Member States’ ability to pay and the Organization’s ability to carry out its activities.

As the Committee considered the financial situation of the United Nations, speaker after speaker emphasized that full, timely and unconditional payment of assessed contributions by Member States was imperative for the predictability of the Organization’s financial resources, which was, in turn, indispensable for the implementation of legislative mandates. Many delegates also expressed concern that, out of the $756 million that remained outstanding, 94 per cent was owed by the main contributor, the United States.


Many speakers were also disturbed by delays in reimbursements to the contributors of troops and equipment, with Pakistan’s representative saying that his country was owed $55 million -- the largest sum currently owed by the United Nations to any Member State.
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  Speakers also expressed serious concern over the high level of the peacekeeping budget, which Japan estimated at $6.6 billion this year, as well as the $2.9 billion in unpaid peacekeeping assessments.
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