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Monday, December 08, 2008

Amiri Baraka, "We Are Already In The Future!" Pambazuka News, December 3, 2008.

  I was glad to hear that he was reading accounts of the emergency bills Roosevelt passed before the reactionary congress could block him. Obama faces the same exigency. We need a “fast break” strategy with a few ”alley oop” dunks perhaps.Before the opposition can re-solidify itself.

At election’s denouement, to the Right the outraged, self loathing of the loser and the losers, including one dude standing mutely in Michigan, a Republican delegate, in a Klan suit, describing Obama as an “Islamic communist”. To the Left, the self important dreamers who had urged us to throw our votes away, as they objectively, in the name of their “principles”, gave votes to John McCain.

Even dizzier, we supposedly hear from the left right corkscrew terrorist. Al Qaeda insults that Obama is a “house slave.” But as I said in an instant rejoinder, “Anyone who thinks suicide is revolutionary ain’t all that bright to begin with. And as for that slave calling, best they refrain from drawing our attention to the fact that some of the Arab ruling class always thought of Black people as slaves”. But we are willing to be momentarily cool, remembering Mao’s dictum, “fight your enemies one by one”.

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