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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chantal Hébert, "For once, Liberal party chooses co-operation," Toronto Star, December 10, 2008.

[The coalition may already have served its purpose. -jlt]

  The notion of sharing power with the NDP or running a government with the support of the Bloc Québécois ultimately goes against the grain of the federal Liberal party.

Bob Rae is walking away from a battle he could not win. Not next week, not next month and likely not next spring.

By his own admission, he could not have prevailed against Michael Ignatieff in a quick canvass of the Liberal establishment. But he might have done worse in the party-wide vote he wanted to have held in mid-January.


Over the next month, the first order of Liberal business will involve deciding whether a coalition with the NDP best serves the party's rebuilding needs. For now, that is not borne out by the polls. They show that an Ignatieff-led stand-alone Liberal party would do a lot better against the Harper Conservatives than an Ignatieff-led opposition.

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