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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christy Hardin Smith, "Huckleberry Makes Nice? It’s All Sweet, Except for the Prickles," firedoglake, January 15, 2009.

[Stephen Harper is going to like this just fine. And, of course, it's always a source of stimulation to see David Frum up and running off at the mouth. Don't get embarrassed yet; he's just getting warmed up. -jlt]

Nothing like cozying up and making nice bipartisan sweet music:

...In remarks in the photo-op that followed, the men sang the praises of bipartisanship.

"... Joe I drafted as vice president, but Lindsey Graham I'm drafting as one of our counselors in dealing with foreign policy, because the fact is, is our tradition has always been that our differences end at the water's edge..." Obama said.

Graham, one of Sen. John McCain's strongest allies during the presidential campaign, sounded a similar note.

"... Having been one of the chief opponents of these two gentlemen, I am very pleased with the attitude and the policies they're fashioning to make sure that America gets it right in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq."

Oh, good lord. I think I may barf.

Let's look at one of our chummy new "post-partisan" pals, David Frum:

But Republicans also should never forget that Obama is a Chicago pol. His plans will be larded with special favors and ripe for abuse. We already know where the worst will be. Chicago style, Obama will cram them into the one department to which he has named a Republican as cabinet secretary (the better to share the blame). Look for the Department of Transportation to be chock full of bridges to nowhere, roads to everywhere and hands out all around.

Kum-bah-effin-yah, y'all. Break out the friendship bracelets -- the folks who made disaster capitalism a household name are going to school us in rolling over by saying "pork" and "politicized."

Memo to Dems: try not to start by playing dead from the get go.

Please let this be some ploy to lull the inane, disingenuous Huckleberry Graham into even more of a stupor. Or I may need a lot more of Digby's Zombie Be Gone...

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