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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kate Harries, "Two involved with Harry LaForme departure resign," Indian Country Today, February 13, 2009.

TORONTO – The two commissioners who were blamed by the chair of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission for his resignation have now decided to move on.

Jane Brewin Morley and Claudette Dumont-Smith issued a news release Jan. 31 announcing their intention to resign, effective June 1.

Justice Harry LaForme resigned Oct. 20, citing his colleagues’ refusal to acknowledge his leadership as a “betrayal of trust.” They reject his “perception” of their actions.

While the job description for commissioners at the time of LaForme’s departure spelled out the leadership position of the chair and the support responsibilities of his two colleagues, a “clarification” under a new process overseen by retired Judge Frank Iacobucci calls for consensual decision-making, says a member of the committee that will choose the replacement commissioners.

  In an interview, Mike Cachagee of the NRSSS said survivors are dying – it’s estimated at the rate of five or six a day – and their stories will be lost, inevitably sanitizing what Canadians will hear.

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The NRSSS published an open letter to Justice Iacobucci on the subject of the resignations. Recommend this Post

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