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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Without funding, deadly cholera epidemic could become annual tragedy," Care International Secretariat, February 18, 2009.

Harare, Zimbabwe (Feb. 18, 2009) - A serious lack of funding and resources to repair the broken water and sanitation infrastructure that is fuelling the cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe threatens to make the deadly epidemic an annual tragedy, warns CARE International, one of the largest aid agencies in Zimbabwe.

The cholera outbreak has long passed the worst-case scenario threshold, and become the worst Africa has seen in 15 years. More than 78,882 cases have been reported in Zimbabwe, and 3,712 deaths.

  Cholera is treatable. No one needs to die from cholera.

Most of the limited funding for the crisis to date is being used for emergency treatment of cholera patients, and to respond to outbreaks by providing temporary supplies of clean water, chlorine tablets and soap. But without sustainable clean water and sanitation facilities, patients who are treated at cholera treatment centres can return home only to be re-infected because their only sources of water are contaminated.

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