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Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Canonical Announces Availability of Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition," April 20, 2009.

[As this announcement says, Open Office 3.0 ships with Ubuntu 9.04. That is a new version of the Office suite, too. I have been using Open Office for nearly a year now and like it better than Word, Excel, etc. Coming Soon to the desktop closest to me: Goodbye Microsoft®. -jlt]

Faster boot speed, enhanced application suite and more visual appeal -- give users more reasons than ever to choose Ubuntu

LONDON, April 20, 2009 – Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, announced today that Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition is free to download from Thursday 23 April. Also announced were the simultaneous releases of Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition and Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix (UNR)

Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition delivers a range of feature enhancements to improve the user experience. Shorter boot speeds, some as short as 25 seconds, ensure faster access to a full computing environment on most desktop, laptop and netbook models. Enhanced suspend-and-resume features also give users more time between charges along with immediate access after hibernation. Intelligent switching between Wi-Fi and 3G environments has been broadened to support more wireless devices and 3G cards, resulting in a smoother experience for most users.

  For the first time, users can download the complete Ubuntu Netbook Remix to a USB flash drive directly from

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See also releases about the Server Edition and the Netbook Remix, which brings us a step closer to the long-awaited $100 laptop.Recommend this Post

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